Arduino transmit location via SSTV

Hey guys!

Ive had an idea! xD I'm wanting to get an Arduino to transmit its location via SSTV. I know there are other ways of doing via text and all but i thought it would be cool to get it to transmit its location in an image form, like just a simple image with the coordinates, You think its possible? I'm defiantly up for a challenge!

[u]btw i am not new to electronics i am however new to the Arduino and programming[/u]

Thanks Ewan :D

You think its possible?

Probably not.

like just a simple image with the coordinates

Depends on the image format, though. JPEG? PNG? TIFF? Forget it. BMP? Maybe. Where will you get a SSTV shield?

@OP - Assuming you could generate an image, do you have the algorithm to generate the audio signal from it?

Many thanks on the replys :)

PaulS I would probably go for BMP as for the shield i was thinking for using the breadboard shield and sticking one of thees on it?

dxw00d I do not have an algorithm, however ive been playing around with MMSSTV, particularly its feature to encode an image to an SSTV Transmission, Maybe playing around with the code there might be something of use in there? I don't understand code very well so maybe that's something for somebody with experience.

Thanks again

Ewan :)

Come on there must be more ideas floating around? :P

Like what? You generate an image, convert the image to the appropriate sound format and send it to the transmitter.

First you need to figure out how to generate an image. The source for MMSSTV appears to be available, so download it, and see if it would be possible to do the image to audio conversion on the Arduino.

At a minimum, I would think you would need an Audio/SD shield, to hold the image file and the audio file.

SSTV is usually on the Ham radio audio bands. The transmitter you linked to is a data transmitter.

Thanks ill get to it!