arduino transmit via rs485

hi, in my current project which is data logging, i'm trying to transmit my data from my arduino datalogger to my computer via rs48 using a max485 chip and an FTDI rs485 to usb converter. The problem i've encountered here is that the data transmitted is not readable, just a sequence of gibberish that i cannot understand, ex: j@@$lu,o0vvee, something like that.

my max485 is connected in this manner: 1- no cannection 2- no connection 3- high (for transmit) 4- arduino TX 5-Gnd 6- A 7- B 8-Vcc

my FTDI rs485 to usb connection: just like in the data sheet.

i could really use some help in this.. thanks a lot. :)

Does the received data only arrive when you are sending? That would confirm you're getting corruption and not just noise. Also, if you send the same thing multiple times, do you always receive the same thing (even if different to what was sent)? That would also confirm it's not noise. Does the quantity of received data exactly match the quantity of sent data? If you can provide some actual examples of data sent and received it may be possible to to work out what the relationship is between them and hence guess why they're different. Ideally the data would be provided as hex data rather than ascii text, and it would be important to be sure that the two data sets corresponded exactly to each other.

Compare the sending and receiving serial port speed, parity and use of stop bits to make sure they are using identical settings.