Arduino Tre

Hi, I was just wondering if Arduino Tre is still marked "Coming soon"? I for one was really excited by the possible release, and there hasn't been word on it for almost two years now. If it is coming out soon, when?


No news since 2 or 3 years = Stop dreaming, Never.

Well, it could still be a thing; but the reality is that there are sooo many way newer and faster boards out there by now, that would be a shame to launch any product with an 32u4 and a Sitara in the same layout.

I think they might have lost track of what they wanted from launching this product, and as the time goes the things get harder and harder.

you can continue to dream

Get an uno and raspberry pi 3B.

I never ever heard about this board. For the speed of technology change at the moment, the some years delay also means that it should not be roll out any more. For me, I tend to move to ARM chip and linux board. They have much more capabilities and popular nowadays.

Is this it?!!! A 3-core Due-style board: