Arduino TTL blanking problem....

Im looking for some expert advice please..

Im building a laser harp using a Nano, scanner(galvo), 12bit DAC and a DPSS 200mW laser with TTL modulation...

The problem i am having is getting the laser to blank, i use a GND and a PWM pin for the TTL cable from the laser driver, no matter what i try i still get a line going through the animation..

If i wire the TTL and run the blink sketch on the Nano the laser will go on and off so i dont understand why it wont using the DAC..

Any help will be very grateful...
Many thanks..
Clive :slight_smile:

so i dont understand why it wont using the DAC..

Nor do I, without seeing your code.

There is nothing wrong code wise..

OK, so it's not a programming question then? I'll move this to Project Guidance.

Nope the schematics are private... Brought and paid for..
Just need advice on how to get the TTL modulation to work, harp builders will know what i mean... :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you will be singularly unlikely to gain assistance here.

Clearly, you need to contact the vendor of those said schematics.

From this..

To this...