arduino TTL comms between zero and pwm board?

Hello, im attempting to control this PWM board with an arduino zero, or something similar to reference a temperature output from a resistor temp sensor and then change the pwm output.

Any idea how to connect the two together? here is a link to the board in question. Perhaps this isnt even the correct way to go about this whole project.

It uses serial with 9600 baud

You should be able to use one of the Zero serial output

Communication standard:
9600 bps Data bits: 8
Stop bit: 1
Check digit: none
Flow control: none
1, set the frequency of the PWM
"F101": Set the frequency to 101 HZ (001 to 999)
"F1.05": set the frequency of 1.05 KHZ (1.00 ~ 9.99)
"F10.5": Set the frequency to 10.5KHZ (10.0 ~ 99.9)
"F1.0.5": set the frequency of 105KHZ (1.0.0 ~ 1.5.0)
2, set the PWM duty cycle
"DXXX": set the PWM duty cycle to XXX; (001 ~ 100)
Such as D050, set the PWM duty cycle is 50%
3, read the set parameters
Send a "read" string to read the set parameters.