Arduino TTL to RS232 Communication (interfaced w/ stepper control box)


I am trying to transmit information from my Arduino UNO to a stepper motor control box via TTL to RS232 conversion adapter. I have successfully communicated from my Arduino to HyperTerminal on my PC.. I have been able to send the string needed by the control box to my PC and the string displays on the HyperTerminal display box.

However, when I try to connect to the stepper motor control box, there is no communication. I have ensured the Buad rate is correct. All the settings should be good to go. All the connections have been tested with HyperLink. The one thing I'm not sure about is the Serial.println() function. As I'm aware, it should be sending the commands to the stepper control box in ASCII form. I'm pretty positive the control box should be accepting ASCII values. I'm also pretty positive that something screwy in the format of the information being transmitted by the Arduino is the problem; thus, the control box won't accept it. Any ideas??


Any ideas?

How about telling us what this 'stepper motor control box' is? Maybe a link?