Arduino turn at sharp angle

I'm working for my project using arduino uno, 2wd, l298n and tcrt5000l 5ir sensor..How make Arduino turn 90 degrees? please help me

How make Arduino turn 90 degrees?

The Arduino is incapable of moving or turning.

If you want the Arduino to control some motors, so that something turns 90 degrees, with NO feedback, that's pretty easy, really.

Have a friend help you. The friend should have a blindfold, a pencil, and some paper. The friend should blindfold you, make certain that you can't see, spin you around until you are dizzy, and then grab the paper and pencil and start writing.

You describe EXACTLY how you turn EXACTLY 90 degrees.

Implementing that in code will be almost trivial. After all, you are far more capable of making decisions than the Arduino is.

With the components listed, the only way that comes to my mind is to lay out a line on the floor for it to follow. There are a zillion posts about line following, I'm sure.