Arduino turn by turn navigation system

Hey Arduino community!

I would like to throw around the idea of a turn by turn gps using Arduino, powered by google maps. This idea came to me from from this video by jersagfast: and from project Glass.

I am really fascinated by the idea of wearable tech and as a avid biker and tinkerer, i would like to make an arduino powered smart watch (powered by google maps) or, with ambition, my own Arduino-Glass setup for a helmet.

As I am no expert at Arduino, I am quite certain that a (single) Arduino is not capable of acquiring satellite information, then connecting with google maps, then downloading direction information, and finally, outputting such information. It would also need a method of inputting information (i.e destination/home).

I believe the best way to achieve turn by turn navigation and incorporate Arduino would be to use an android smartphone to retrieve the directions from google maps and using bluetooth, send the information to Arduino where it can be processed for output (i.e display or spoken directions).

Ignoring things such as a display to show information and speakers to make spoken directions and other do-dads for now, could this be possible using the Google maps api, Android, and Arduino alone?

Why do need Arduino for this? Doesn't android have apps to speak out the directions for you? I know AT&T wants to charge me $10/month for GPS capability on my Samsung GIII. I have GPS in my Jetta Sportwagon tho, and I had a portable Garmin GPS before that (with lifetime database subscription).

Its the idea of transferring information from Google Maps through Android to the Arduino that consists of my core question. I am aware smartphones can do everything we need and more but, wearables are growing in popularity and I would like to make an Arduino approach toward this new area of tech.

You got me there.
I don't know how you'd get the info from android.
Arduino can certainly drive a little TFT/OLED screen with info from elsewhere.
You can connect up a little MP3 card with files saying things:
in a quarter mile
turn now
you missed it - turn around
destination ahead
on left
on right


Sorry for late answer but i'm interresting by the thread

I think some parts of the solution are here

I don't how to, but the solution is to extract navigate instructions from google maps and send
to arduino by bluetooth or wifi... and i know it's possible

If somebody can do it it could be wonderfull
1 Extract actual maneuvre, distance to maneuvre, next road
2 Send instruction via bluetooth
3 no more, arduino continue

Hey I am also doing a similar project where I want to extract actual manoeuvre from the smartphone send it through Bluetooth to Arduino. Did you manage to do this or other alternative?

Hi, I'm using App Inventor 2 and i try to extract any informations,
it's the only alternative found...

I am interested in this topic too. When one person uses google maps to navigate and the instructions call for left I want to have a bluetooth signal sent to an arduino and turn on a red LED. When the instructions call for right a bluetooth signal is sent to an arduino and a blue LED is turned on. Did you figure out how to do get the instructions sent from the google maps to arduino?

I saw this project called EasyJet SneakAir. It's a pair of sneakers with a vibration motor inside. When you google maps and have to turn left the motor inside the left sneaker vibrates. I am not sure if one has to use a different navigation app or google maps directly.


This is an interesting thread.

I was thinking why not have a GPS and a GSM module and not involve a phone at all?

You could easily integrate with the Google API directly from the Arduino. I think that will be much easier, and also eliminate the elements of bluetooth connections.

Seems a bit like inventing a machine to stir my milkshake after it comes out of the blender......

Any news for this one?

I have now bluetooth (BLE) communication from Komoot app to ESP32 controller (im using Arduino IDE, but ESP32). Problem is that Komoot is not very good for my use. It is sending distance to next intersection and direction and street name. Nothing else, and its not free software. I would like use Google Maps and also get at least ETA info. Speed etc are not so important for me. Also Komoot is not using normal Bluetooth communication standard for navigation, they are using own one:

Google Maps is not sending this info by default. So i think i need another app that is getting info from Google Maps and sending that by BLE.

Hi @Jaspajami,
I would be interested in your code for the Komoot BLE communication.
Can you attach it here or provide a link in case it's already in some public repository?

you figured it out yet? i have the same similar idea for making a project . if yes please reply pal :slight_smile:

I think you're kidding yourself. Get one of these for $129, be way ahead of anything you could possibly come up with yourself

Yep, working on the same thing.

Why? Seriously? Because!
OK, I have a motorbike and want to integrate some navigation indikator to not look at my phone while riding up to 180 kmh. So I want something permanent, theft- and waterproof that looks fitting to that old bike of mine, samhow analog. A small e ink display, to show me the way, that would look so goddam awsommely brilliant. That's bloody why, ok?

Anyway, using Android studio is a paininthearse. There are some examples online like The Directions API overview  |  Google Developers including github source but you can spend hours only finding out (or not) how to setup all the API levels and keys and things.

I find it more easy to use unity instead. should be able to get gps positions there and then use the link mentioned above (The Directions API quickstart  |  Google Developers) to produce the directions. Only would you need to find out, if you are still on the route and where.
Any other suggestions or new progress?

Seems a bit like inventing a machine to stir my milkshake after it comes out of the blender......

+1 for that.

Says it all. :grinning:

...and then use the link mentioned above (The Directions API quickstart  |  Google Developers) to produce the directions....

looks like you have a very limited amount of opening that link per day, so wont work.
I dont see getting a google directions api key as a solution because it will be "free" for one year only.
Anything else?