Arduino turn off on certain voltage


i want to use an arduino on a 6V lead acid battery on a motorcycle. I want to connect it directly to the battery, but dont want to drain the battery too much, that it dies, so im wondering, if there is anything i can do about that problem, so that the arduino turns off or go sleeping or something to protect the battery.

And of course i dont want the solution, to draw to much power either.

Thanks for your help :wink:

You can "sleep" the Arduino to save power. The type of Arduino board will dictate how much power is saved because there are parts on the board that continue to draw power when the processor is asleep.

You cannot directly connect 6V to a 5V Arduino board. 6V is too low to properly supply the 5V regulator and too high to directly connect to the 5V rail (5.5V max). A silicon diode in series between the 6V and 5V rail can drop the 6V to an acceptable level.

Suggest you use a 5V/16 MHz Promini powered via diode drop into the VCC pin (not Raw) as suggested by groundFungus.
Then power draw can be reduced to just the '328P when it is in sleep mode.

Also read here for power saving tips:

I planed to use deep sleep, but Im not sure, how i can wake the arduino, so that it turns on, when the vehicle is moved. I think using a module like "SW420" or "SW420" (on ebay) is the best solution. I saw a video on youtube, where great scott is building a gps tracker wich is activated with a piezo transducer, but he has some circut inbetween the arduino and the piezo wich i dont want to build, because i have to buy everything for that and i dont want to wait so long.

thanks for your ideas and what do you think how i can wake up the arduino (with shock or sth else) with the best solution

It may be useful to know which exact Arduino board that you are using.

I want to use an AtMega 328P CH340, but i can also use a different one (like promini).

To wake the Ardouino you need an interrupt.
Maybe a rolling ball switch like this can be used. Wire it to connect a pin to Gnd to create a Low interrupt when it is moved

Other switches
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Okay, do i have to User a resistor or sth like that?

For what? If you use a tilt switch, or the like, you will need a pull-up, but that can be the internal pull-up on a pin.

Careful, a 6V battery may be charged to more than 7V.

so what can i do about that? bigger diode with capacitor? But it can handle 5-12v or not?