Arduino turn on wireless camera system using wifi?

Hi, I'm super new to Arduino and IoT devices and had an idea for a class project. I want to build a smart mailbox that notifies me whenever the mailbox lid gets opened. There are already a couple of forums and projects about this so that's not the issue. My idea is to also record a video when the mailbox is opened. My home is equipped with outdoor wireless cameras (Blink camera system) and they are connected to the wifi. I can access them through the app on my phone and even use BlinkPy python package to use code to turn on/off the cameras and get the recordings. I was wondering if there is a way for the Arduino to somehow call this python code to turn on the cameras over wifi, get the latest video recording, and send a push notification to my phone.

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What you really require is a big project that needs to be created by a programmer
Or do you use the forums and collect information as much as possible?
I tried to help you as much as possible
Follow this link, you will find a project that will help you a lot

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