Arduino Tutors?

Greetings everyone.

I am looking for some advice on Arduino. I usually use YouTube and Google to learn Arduino but I am really looking forward to getting a tutor for Arduino so, I can learn in a path without jumping into many places. Please let me know if you know some one around central jersey who can provide tutoring.


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Have a look through

There might be a group near you that could help.

Also search for a maker space / hacker space near you.

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There are online classes some of which have some interactive support. I've never used any but am curious about that. Look on udemy. Many classes for reasonable price.

A good idea, but Jersey doesn't seem to do well with maker spaces. All the ones I've found last time I looked are either gone or connected to an educational establishment for students and faculty only.

Then COVID has stopped a few too.

Without serious funding from a business or college, it just doesn't seem viable around here for some reason, principally rent I suspect. The only maker space I can access to right now is my basement :wink:

@wildbill Are you in Jersey? As in the island off the coast of France? I thought you were in the US.

I am in New Jersey, but the locals tend to abreviate it and apparently I have fallen into the habit too.

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