Arduino tv-b gone

Need help.

I got this error: =(

TVB\WORLDcodes.cpp.o:( multiple definition of NApowerCodes' WORLDcodes.cpp.o:( first defined here TVB\WORLDcodes.cpp.o:( multiple definition of EUpowerCodes'
WORLDcodes.cpp.o:( first defined here
TVB\WORLDcodes.cpp.o:(.data.num_NAcodes+0x0): multiple definition of num_NAcodes' WORLDcodes.cpp.o:(.data.num_NAcodes+0x0): first defined here TVB\WORLDcodes.cpp.o:(.data.num_EUcodes+0x0): multiple definition of num_EUcodes'
WORLDcodes.cpp.o:(.data.num_EUcodes+0x0): first defined here

So i need help. :smiley:
Thanks for helping nerd.

Can you post the exact code you're trying to compile?

Please use the link there is the files i cant add it because it is long.

Are there libraries associated with the code? Are those libraries in the right place?

Yes they are in libraries folder.