arduino two relay module with lcd timer set control

I am working on the project, where I using arduino uno, 2 module relay control, 16*2 lcd display and 4*4 keyboard. The theme of the project is relay wants on/off one after another based on the time set by keyboard. Eg if I set the time for relay modules. 1st relay works for 5 Min, after that it need to be off and second need to switch on for set time. I want sketch for this project will you help in this project.

Sure we will help you, however, we will not program it for you, you need to learn by doing.

What have you tried so far, show us your code (be sure to post it in code tags by pressing the </> button on the top left).

If you have not started coding yet (as I suspect you haven’t), then start with 1 module, such as the relays, and get those to work. You could even go simpler by just programming a timer to work. Start small, then start adding and combining until you have your program.