Arduino uAlfat library

Does any one out there have the knowledge as to how one might port the following library for this device to the Arduino?

I would like to use this in a data logger project i am working on. I would have a go but have no idea what i would have to change or edit to do this. Presumably the “types” file that specifies the Pic would have to be changed to point to the arduino environment.
Any help please??


That license is pretty hard to get past.

Have you seen this:

A couple of libraries are mentioned :)

I have spoken to the manufacturer and the library can be altered. You just have to leave the bit that says they created it I think.

I dont think the other libraries you mention will be any help to me. As far as I am aware they can only append to a pre created text file. I need to be able to create and append to files as I need. I dont however need to read from files on the SD card, just create them.

The reason I picked this module was that it could do this and the commands to do so looked simple, as they are using a PC interface and the UART! However I am not a C programmer and cannot work out how to talk to this thing from my data logger. I have got that working and can read fro my analog input and produce data to be written it is just the last critical bit of actually saving it that is holding me up.


I successfully managed to integrate both the UALFAT-TF and the UALFAT-SD boards with an Arduino (Over I2C using the wire library).
I didn’t create a full library, since I only used very basic read and write functionality, but I just want to let everyone know it’s definitely possible to use an UALFAT module with Arduino!

I’ll write a basic library sometime in the future, until then, feel free to contact me for help on this.

Hint1: if you use I2C, the address of the UALFAT module is: B1010010

Hint2: The ualfat module sends a long text about it’s bootloader and firmware version on startup. You need to ‘flush’ this information before you send your first command to the module.

Hint3: Make sure you run the latest UALFAT firmware on the module

Hint4: The UALFAT module works on 3.3V but it’s IO pins are 5V tolerant

Do you get the same speeds when using i2c or spi? I guess spi is faster, is this true for ualfat as well?