Arduino Ultrasonic Dimmer

Hey Guys

It's been a while but I finally found the time to write up a blogpost on my interrupt driven Ultrasonic Dimmer. Hope you like it.

let me guesse,
u use pin 10 for the brightness of the lcd
but what whats the name of ur ultrasonic range finder?

very neat! Might just save that link to try out your dimmer setup myself. ;) Thinking about hooking up a dimmer circuit with a photoresistor so it can measure the light in the room and compensate if it's too low. ~Alex


It is actually a serial controlled lcd, so when the pwm out for the mosfet is adjusted a serial command to the lcd is sent to also change the brightness accordingly. This was done because it would really quite counterproductive if the lcd is brighter than the dimmed lamp =)


A photoresistor to compensate for the loss of light when it gets darker sounds great, you might want to add a motion detection sensor in addition to that so that it doesnt just burn all evening long when nobody is around?