Arduino UNO - 11.1v Lipo


Am a newbie, so please bear if this question is basic.

Am trying to connect Arduino Uno board to a 11.1v 2100mAh 3s Flighttech EON Lipo.

As part of the project, I will need to run a pretty powerful servo and an ESC to drive a brushless motor.

Checked the internet and relevant documentation on the power requirements for an UNO and connected the Lipo to the UNO through the Jack.

Nothing happens. Its just dead.

Pulled out the LIPO power source and connected a simple 9V wall charger through the jack. UNO works perfectly.

I need the LIPO power source to run the Servo's and ESC as these are pretty powerful components and need more power that the LIPO offers.

Please help with your suggestions on how to get around this issue.

Most grateful for any help.

Make sure the polarity is correct. Alternatively, you can connect the LiPo to the VIN and GND pins on the Arduino.

As well as proper polarity you also have to be sure you have the correct plug size to interface with the arduino's external power connector properly. The Arduino needs a mating plug with a 5.5mm external barrel diameter and a inner female pin size of 2.1mm. The 5.5mm spec is pretty easy to tell just by the fact that it fits into the mating connector, but if the female inner pin is of the 2.5mm size it will not make contact with it's mating males pin inside the arduino's connector.

Here are two DC power plugs that will 'fit' into an arduino external power connector.

This one is has the proper inner pin size:

This one does not have the proper inner pin size and will not work:


Thanks guys for the comments…

Sure will give it a try and report.