Arduino Uno 13chl Polyphonic Music

Updated my music player for Arduino Uno! This uses simple 8bit resistor DAC, R-2R resistor ladder made of 23x 3.3KOhm resistors connected to pins 0-7 on Uno, and mixes 13 channel polyphonic music ("Dans la rue" by Xylo) at 30KHz. Arduino Uno has only 2KB of RAM and 32KB of flash memory to fit both program binary and music data so it's pretty tight. The music is originally in XM format (86KB) and converted to custom PMF format that's more compressed (down to 21KB) and better suitable for MCU's.

The project can be downloaded from GitHub: GitHub - JarkkoPFC/arduino-music-player: MOD/S3M/XM/IT Music Player for Arduino

Here's a video: Arduino Uno Jamming and Blinking - YouTube