Arduino UNO + 2.4 TFT + DHT 11

Hi, I would like build humidity & thermometer with 2.4 TFT screen and arduino UNO, but TFT takes all pins except IOREF, GND pin and SDA, SCL. Is there anyway connect DHT 11 sensor to board with TFT? Thank you so much for any answer.

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I've got several pins left...

Sorry, I forgot to insert.. this is my TFT

Thank you for your help

..which is similar.
U may use I/O 14..17 as well - There should be room for your sensor

I cannot see 14 - 17 pins in arduino uno layout. What do you mean?

pin 14 is A0 ...and counting..
Seedstudio shows a schematic for their shield.. They also tell which pins are not used by the shield..