Arduino uno, 2 A4988 drivers and 2 NEMA 17 steppers

Hi all I am a little new to all of this so bear with me (I am used to using PLC’s, so just want to try the Arduino for my projects). I just got the Arduino starter pack and I had some parts my self. I am trying to make a machine that runs 2 stepper NEMA 17 motors with 2 A4988 drivers. I am lost with how to code this thing. I need that one motor turns 180 while the other does not move, once motor 1 has reached 180, motor number 2 starts turning a few times then stops, then this loops over again. I have attached my wiring in case, not that sure of that as well.
Can I get some help with the coding some how? Thank you for your time, appreciated.

Tube-cutter-circuit.pdf (25.4 KB)