Arduino UNO + 4x4 keypad with LCD / 2 digit seven segment

hey guys, would u mind to share the coding and circuit diagram for Arduino UNO. i need to combine it with 4x4 keypad and LCD display or 2 digit seven segment. im still new in this field. thank you :blush:

Hello and welcome. Since you are just starting out, it would be wise to get to know and learn how to write code for an arduino microcontroller. Provided with the Arduino software, are example sketches that you can use to play around with and learn from. Here is a link to said example that come with the software HERE. There are also libraries that you can use too. One of which is the LiquidCrystal library. Another is the Keypad library located in the Arduino Playground.

You can also look at the keypad examples HERE, under INPUT / OUTPUT >> Keypad