Arduino Uno+Adafruit+Labview=Deosnt work for me....!!!

I am new to Arduino and Labview and I am trying to use arduino uno with adafruit motor shield to be used with labview. I have performed every required step to use lifa but my motor isnt working with it. Motor works when I use stepper test on arduino ide but when i upload lifa_base, it uploads successfully and I can run labview without showing any error. the labview code is executed successfully (I guess labview assumes that the motor is working) but there is no actual working. I have no clue whats the reason behind it. Probably I need to edit lifa_base.ino where we need to put arduino type which is uno in my case but no one has mentioned to edit it to be used with different types of arduino. Your help and suggestions would be highly appreciated. I just want to make sure that the stepper motor works with the combo of labview, arduino and adafruit.