Arduino uno and 3 LED Resitor question

Hi Everyone -

I am new to the Arduino and C++. I have set up a simple blinking 3 LED set up, after configuring this
I found a way to strap the common so as to not use all off the GND's on the board. I am also only 2 resistors and all the 3 LED's are working however my question is, by not using a 3rd resistor, do I have a potential in damaging the LED etc.

Thanks -Al

If the resistor is in series with more than one LED in parallel, you won't blow up your LEDs, but they will be dimmer when they are both on. If they are different colors, one might not even turn on at all.

If you connected one of the LEDs without a resistor, it's just a matter of time before either the Arduino or the LED lets its last puff of magic smoke out.


Pieter - Thanks for the reply, I will add the other resistor.