Arduino UNO and accelerometer ADXL362

Hi, I need a suggest about connections between Arduino UNO and Sparkfun ADXL362.

There is an old topic here about the same problem

but I preferred to start a new one.

As the previous author, I'm following this tutorial:

According to the tutorial I need to power the accelerometer through Arduino 3.3 V pin. But this sentence is puzzling for me:

If you chose to use a 5V Arduino (such as an Arduino Uno or Leonardo), you'll need to shift the logic levels to ensure that the ADXL362 receives 3.3V logic, as well as power from a 3.3V supply (available on the Uno as the "3.3V" power pin)

what does it mean exactly "shift the logic levels"? What I'm supposed to do? I understand I need to act in some way on SPI connections. Thanks

[UPDATE] Ok, I think I found an excellent explanation here: