Arduino Uno and Android Help Needed.

What is the Cheapest way to control arduino from Android Device wireless ? Is it Bluetooth or any thing else ? please suggest Ideas I am working on Project Relay control over Android Device.. Please help. Thanks.

Bluetooth is easier and cheaper, but the coding is still going to be difficult. Do you know Java?

Thanks ,, Please tell me what is in Your Mind .. I don't know very well . Whats ur Plan ?

You want to program an Android Device, wireless right? Well for that, you need to know how to program with Java. You need to use Eclipse, and you need to look for some simple Bluetooth examples.

Whats ur Plan ?

I dont have the plan, you should. You need to learn Java, if you dont already. Bluetooth is just serial communication, so, make a code that works with regular serial, using the serial monitor, and build from there.

If you don't want to learn Java, then you can submit your question to someone in Gigs and collaborations. You will have to pay, but you will have your code.