Arduino UNO and Arduino MKR 1400 GSM Module

Hello Everyone
For a project, I need to use Arduino Uno and MKR GSM 1400. I will use Arduino Uno to read the other sensors value and need to upload sensors data to Cloud server (preferably Thingspeak) so that I will be able to access the data remotely.
I am very new with arduino uno and arduino mkr 1400 gsm module. Can you anyone help me

  1. How to wire the arduino and GSM module
  2. How to code them

It will be a great help if anyone can guide me how to do them.


The MKR 1400 GSM is not a GSM module but a complete Arduino. You should try to use only the board if you need to upload the data to a cloud platform using GSM technology.

If you tell us more about your probject we may be able to help you convert the hardware connections from UNO (5V) to the MKR 1400 (3.3V).

Thank you so much for the reply.
In my project, I will use 5 sensors to collect different information from rural areas. These sensors will collect different data and their running time depends on another sensor. For example, if sensor A value is reached to 5, only then sensor B will start running and stop at a certain point. As the project will be implemented in rural areas, I need to upload all the sensor data directly to the cloud. For this reason, I need to connect MKR 1400 to Arduino Uno to upload the real-time data directly to the cloud.

Once again, Arduino MKR GSM1400 is a complete Arduino board that is far superior to the lousy UNO and can do everything UNO can and more

I agree with the first part of that sentence but strongly disagree with the seconds part. The UNO is not lousy, it's just a simpler board with an (or better two) AVR processor instead of the ARM on the MKR board. The Atmel SAMD21 has much more features than the ATmega328p of the UNO but it's also much more difficult to program (mostly because of the more features). The UNO runs on 5V (so perfect for TTL devices), the MKR on 3.3V (better for more modern CMOS hardware).

What sensors are these? Post links to them!

Here is the sensors list: As of now, I will use only 4 of them.

  1. Soil Moisture sensor: Gravity: Analog Waterproof Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor - DFRobot
  2. Load Cell: Load Cell - 10kg, Straight Bar (TAL220) - SEN-13329 - SparkFun Electronics
  3. Solenoid Valve: Brass Liquid Solenoid Valve - 12V - 1/2 NPS : ID 996 : $24.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
  4. Pressure sensor: Pressure sensor 6CF6D 15 psi supply original spot United States Honeywell


That sensor works on 3.3V too, so you can connect it directly to 3.3V.

This is just a load cell, you need an adapter board to connect it to an MCU. Search for HX711.

The valve cannot be controlled directly by the MCU. You need additional circuitry to provide the high current 12V it needs (p.e. a FET).

That seems to be an analog variant with an output of less than 100mV. That means you need to amplify the signal before you can read it into the Arduino. But then it works with the MKR without a problem.

Thank you so much. Very well explained. I understand all the parts.
Now, can you please help me with how I can upload all the data to Thingspeak? I mean, what should be the coding?

I don't use Thinkspeak but I'm sure you'll find lots of tutorials on the Internet about how to use it.

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