arduıno uno and ds 1302 rtc module with alarm clock

I have ds 1302 time module,lcd keypad shield,single relay module…I want to do alarm clock and first alarm will open relay and second alarm close same relay…I tınk I set time in ds1302 module…but I did not write arduıno code.lcd keypad(4,5,6,7,8,9,) free pin:13,12,11,3,2,1,0 …can you help me for code ds 1302 module has vcc,gnd,clc,dat,rst…do you have code?please

do you have code?

Roughly a million lines of it. Would you like some that uses CATIA data from composite parts to generate a nest? Got that. How about some code to drive a laser projector to trace ply boundaries. Got that.

What ARE your requirements for the code?

There are libraries for the DS1302. There are libraries for that keypad. Both libraries come with examples. Combining the examples into a working program should only take a couple of hours.

I try it wit example…but I did not…Every time take too much false…so I want true code ıf it is there