Arduino Uno and Ethernet shield do not fit

Hi folks. You guessed it, I'm new to Arduino.
I have completed a few sketches and would now like to build my first real project with an Ethernet shield.
When I try to combine both circuit boards the shield's Ethernet connector and the Uno's USB connector are in the way, meaning I'm not able to fully insert the shield into the Uno. Why is this? Did I buy the wrong shield?
I suppose I could solve this by putting a series of risers between both boards but is that really the idea?

My Arduino is an Arduino Uno and the shield is an Ethernet Shield W5100.

Picture is attached

shelds for Uno should have longer pins.
some boards in Uno format have smaller USB connectors (mini or micro)

Don't forget to put a piece of insulation tape over the USB connector !

Some cheaper Chinese Ethernet shields use shorter pins too.