Arduino uno and gsm shield

How can I use arduino uno with gsm shield. I have a project about it. Which model gsm shield I have to buy? How can I send sms with arduino uno and gsm shield? Please help me about this things..

Lots of info on the site, there is a forum specifically for GSM.

Suggest you stick with a Shield rather than the many cheaper Modules as the shields are easier to set up.

There is the genuine Arduino shield V2 or as a lot of folk buy , the cheaper Sim900 shield.

thanks for interest :slight_smile: <3

This link shows an excellent 3 part tutorial for using the Sim900 Shield.

No longer shown on the original Tonixstuff site as they stopped sell the Sim900, partly because its a 2G only device and his country has moved to 3G.

What about your country, does it still use 2 G or will you have to go for a more expensive 3 G module ?