Arduino Uno and I can't upload sketches

I have two Unos, an older unit and a R3. I use the USB ports on the front of my win 7, 32 bit computer. The old Uno shows up in device manager as "Communication Port (COM8)", the R3 shows as "Arduino Uno (COM12)".

If I use Arduino 1.05 they both compile and upload.

If I use Arduino 0022 they both don't work ((avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00))

I have sketches that will compile in 1.05 but not upload. They compile in 0022 but it won't upload.

I have spent many hours searching for a solution but I am about to give up.

Please help?

Pick one and run it to conclusion. From your list, this looks like the best choice…

I have sketches that will compile in 1.05 but not upload.

Post one sketch and the related error messages. Please use
</mark> <mark>[code]</mark> <mark>

</mark> <mark>[/code]</mark> <mark>

I was not clear on this.....

Using 1.05 I can take example sketches and compile and up load using both unos.

In 0022 both unos will not up load using my sketch or the included example sketches. My problem is that I just built an eggbot and the firmware will not compile in 1.05 but it will compile in 0022 but I can not upload anything because the unos don't connect when I'm running 0022 even though device manager shows them just like when I'm running 1.05?

The sketch I'm trying to use is here....

anche io ho lo stesso problema su arduino uno rew3,
penso di aver danneggiato la scheda.Cosa si può fare?
Ciao MarioB

problem solved, I completely removed 0022 and reinstalled. I can now compile and upload my sketch.