Arduino Uno and LiPo battery

Good morning. Well I'm very new at this forum,I'll hope that I wont mess up.

I'm currently stuck with a problem. I have project with an Arduino Uno and some sensors. The sensors are:

  • 200KG Electronic Platform Scale Load Cell
  • SIM900 Quad Band GSM Shield
  • KY-015 DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor

I want to power my arduino with a LiPo battery, 3.7 Volt and capacity 10000mAH I thought that this would be a pretty easy job. But as I was reading many forums I realised that its not that simple.

Do I need a step up converter to boost 3.7volt to 5volts? If so, can you recommend me any converter (ebay/amazon/etc)

Is there any other way?

Thank you in advance,Chris.

Why do you need an Uno?

If a Pro Mini is sufficient, and all modules also work with 3.3V, they can be powered almost directly from the battery. Eventually with a diode in between, that reduces the voltage to 3.3V.

What if I need an Uno? I mean that not every project works with arduino mini.

I also think that the load cell need 5volts+ I dont have the parts in my hands right now and I cant be sure.

It's up to you to chose the components, and most sensors are built for use (also) with 3.3V systems.

The only difference between Uno and Pro Mini is the USB port. If you don't need it, because your circuit uses GSM for communication, you can use the smaller boards with less energy consumption.