Arduino UNO and Mega 2560 Sketch Upload Problem


I’m new to Arduino. I have purchased both a UNO R3 and Megga 2560 R3. Both have an issue with uploading the code from the Arduino IDE. I have downloaded the plug-in successfully. I can select the COM’s port associated with each model. From here I will refer to only the UNO as the issues are identical.

The sketch is the “Blink” code example. I have tried two different brands of USB cables both on two different USB COM’s ports. COM4 and COM5.

Operating System: Windows 10

Computer Lenvo L480. Brand new. This is a work computer so may have a fire wall issue. I cannot turn off the fire wall and not even sure if it is active for the USB ports. I am not convinced this is the issue but keep in mind.

So, I can select the UNO with assigned COM’s port from the drop down. This appears ok. I can go to the ‘Monitor’ function and click the ‘Send’ button and notice the RX LED blinks every time I click the button. This tells me the port is open and I can write a bit of data to the UNO. As soon as I try to upload the code the process appears to be working but then just hangs without any error codes. So I’m close but stuck.

I have opened the debug consul and recorded the log. I deleted a lot of the repeated messages. I’ve added comments at each stage of the process. The COM port appears to open but then closes as soon as I initiate the upload which is why it’s hanging. I just don’t know why it’s closing. See attached log file pdf.

Also, the UNO has the green LED on and the L LED is flashing. It looks healthy.

I have done a few screen shots and attached as a pdf document.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Debugger Log.pdf (370 KB)

Screen Shots.pdf (544 KB)