Arduino Uno and Motor Drive Expansion Shield Board Module L293D for steppers

I’m new to Arduino but I have one year in electrical eng. and I wrote basic for the commodore 64 architecture.
I just knew I would know how to do this…but…
I have two NEMA 17 bipolar stepper motors for a project in making a camera slider. I want to get my motors and software going before I build the structure for the camera slider.
I believe I am following the directions but a search for information on Motor Drive Expansion Shield Board Module L293D For Arduino Duemilanove Mega UNO. I have the Arduino Uno R3 and the motor expansion board ( see pics ).
I’m not having any luck with this and this is my last resort before asking.

Have a look at stepper motor basics. A h-bridge, such as an L293 is a very choice for driving a stepper motor.

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so it looks like this

Post a link to the datasheet for the stepper motor you are using.