Arduino Uno and OV7670

I have little arduino experience, only doing minor things as using LEDs, pressure and temperature sensors. For a school project it would be amazing to have a camera to document with. I have searched and searched for schematics and code, but they rarely come together. There have been much talking about FIFO and no FIFO, ram and shields. I think I get the gist of it, but do not know how to handle it at all.

I only have the camera, no shield or anything else. I also have an Arduino Uno.

I also found out there are multiple versions of the OV7670 so I'll show you mine:

The pins it has (it is hard to see)
S1OC (or SIOC) S1OD (or SIOD)

The idea is to save the images or atleast the output on a SD-card (can be decoded later).

SD-card reader:

Do anyone of you have any experience and are willing to share schematics and code?
Thank you very much!

Essential sites I already have been to:

Where I purchased the module:

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The Arduino is very small and very slow as computers go. It does not do well at handling the volume and rate of data needed to do image processing. Even as a (super slow, low image quality) demo, it is NOT a beginner project.