Arduino Uno and psm motorized slide pot

Hello I am using an arduino uno and motorized slide pots but am having some trouble. I am using the PSM01-082A-103B2-ND slide pot (data sheet
It is a slide pot connected to a DC motor, however it has a servo track option and I can not seem to get this to work. I need the slide pot to push a load to preset locations on the track. I was able to get this to work using the standard line track (using an H-bridge and some code) but it is not super precise so I figured the servo would help improve my precision since servos go to set locations. However I have been unable to get the servo track working and was wondering if anyone had the same problem or could offer some help.

The "Servo Track" is just another linear pot. You put a voltage across it and read the voltage on the wiper to sense position. Use the PID library to run the motor to the desired position: Input is the value from the servo pot, Setpoint is the analog value for the position you want, and Output is the Speed and Direction information for your motor driver. Set the Output range to +/- the PWM range of your motor speed. For example +255 to -255 for Arduino PWM. Take the absolute value for speed and the sign for direction.

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See section 7,148850.0.html

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