Arduino Uno and quadcopters

I'm a high school student and we're trying to build our own quadcopter with some parts from hobbyking and a 3-D printed base, along with the arduino uno. I'm new to programming and don't know where to start, if anyone could provide tutorials or advice it'd be appreciated.

Take a look here:

I'm new to programming and don't know where to start

A quadcopter is not the place to start. I don't think that you realise how difficult a project it is and it has many safety implications. You will be very lucky if you find any code that you can use just as it is. Apart from anything else I think that you will find that the APM ([u]A[/u]rdu[u]P[/u]ilot [u]M[/u]ega) software only runs on an Arduino Mega, but I could be wrong.

Please start by loading and running the program examples in the Arduino IDE so that you understand how to use inputs and outputs at least. Are you aiming to control your quad via radio or are you trying to make it autonomous ?