Arduino Uno and SLAEX039 L293D Motor Shield

Hello everyone , i need urgent assistance regarding Arduino Uno and motor shield. I am working on a project having 6 B.O motors , blutooth module and arduino uno. I'm not having any idea about the Power supply of arduno and shiled board. So please can anybody tell me that how can i power my 6 motors using arduino and motor shield. Remember there should no be any power drop because project requires adequate amount of power . And yes i have also connected HC05 blutooth module to Arduino Uno and shield setup. Help help help.....

I don't understand what you want in detail, what are B.O motors, and "no power drop"?

You need a power supply for the voltage of your motors, eventually more, and enough current. Then you need motor driver modules or shields, which support that voltage and currents. The L293D are very old chips, with much power loss. You're better off with modern MOSFET modules.