ARDUINO UNO and Sparkfun esp8266 wifi shield

Hey I am using Arduino uno and sparkfun esp8266 wifi shield for my project. I want to send short message using wifi on my mobile phone but i didn't get any help from online so any one can help me to solve my problem that will be great!

You’ve got one of these ? ESP8266 WiFi Shield Hookup Guide -

Any you’ve followed the tutorial and maybe written some code ?

I am following that and i got success on connecting with my home wifi but now i want to send one sms on my phone number when some conditions are true. I am right now working with twillio but i dont know whats wrong with that.

I don't know the Twillo SMS services, but I guess you create a URL which you can enter in a browser (or from another web client like ESP8266) and post that. If you can achieve that from a normal browser and successfully send a message, then there is nothing wrong with your registration for the service etc. However, if the URL begins HTTPS:// .... (as opposed to HTTP:// .... ), then your troubles begin if you attempt this with an ESP8266/Arduino web client