Arduino UNO and TDA5051

Hello All,

I’m interested in making a project with the TDA5051 - Home Automation Modem.
This post is not about getting an easy answer or a ready solution. I’m doing my homework and I really want to understand what I’m doing so that I can make changes and corrections later on. It’s just that I am new to Arduino and I would like to verify and share my findings.

There is actually a thread in the Forum about TDA5051, but for some reason I can see mainly the questions of the member. Most of the answers are missing!

Anyway, I am using Arduino UNO R3. The overall design will be:
Temperature sensor <-> Arduino_1 <-> TDA5051_1 <-> powerlines (220V) <-> TDA5051_2 <-> Arduino_2 <-> LED Display

Has anyone, please, experience in connecting UNO to TDA5051, or is anyone interested in exchanging info?

Thank you very much