Arduino Uno + Arduino Motorshield + Arduino Wifi Shield is this possible?


I'm a newbie to robotics but I'm trying to create a rover-like robot that utilizes two motors. I'm trying to figure out if I could stack these three boards together, but I've been reading there is conflicts on pins 11-13. Is this true? is there anyway around this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm kind of in over my head at the moment.

Do you have this ? Arduino Uno R3 : Arduino Motor Shield R3 : Arduino Wifi Shield :

They share pins 11,12,13. So you are in trouble. The pins 11,12,13 are part of the SPI interface. The Wifi Shield uses that, and the Motor Shield should have used other pins.

You could change the Motor Shield, scratching some copper traces, adding a few wires. I know people who do that with smd components (not me). I think your best option is to buy a new motor shield, preferably a more modern one with mosfets.

SPI is a bus protocol. The chip select is pin -10 or any other pin. In other words "SS" is redefinable, MOSI, MISO, AND SCK should go to all the devices. I ran 6 SPI digital pots (4162-103/P) and 11,12 & 13 were bus to all the devices. My "SS" pins were 10,9,8,7,6,5 of the arduino UNO and everything worked perfectly.

Strangely I've seen a different motor shield also using these pins.

What you can do is to get an Arduino MEGA 2560. Its SPI pins are not 10-13 so there won't be any conflict. If you do this, and want to use the SD card, make sure you use the hardware SPI in SD library. If you're not using SD card, don't worry about it.

Its SPI pins are not 10-13 so there won’t be any conflict.

Only MOSI ,MISO, & SCK are shared, SS (or pin-10 of the arduino, as you call it), DOES NOT NEED TO BE pin-10. It is only pin-10 if you are only talking to one device. If you are talking to MORE THAN ONE DEVICE, the first one could use pin-10 (or any other pin) , and the rest would use other pins. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, IF YOU ARE USING AN UNO , (or any UNO compatible) ALL THE DEVICES MUST SHARE UNO pins 11,12 & 13 , (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE) .NOTE THAT MOSI ,MISO, & SCK ARE BLUE . That is because they are SPI pins and are NOT re-definable and must be SHARED by ALL devices. NOTE THAT “SS” is WHITE (not blue). That means it is re-definable and does not have to be pin-10.

You are just confusing the OP with your academic correction that pin 10 is not SPI. Pin 10 is taken by wifi shield anyway.

That's why I said he can use any pin instead of pin 10.

HI guys, when I change the SS pin (I tried also to put the SS to the ground) my shield (CANBUs shield) read wrong values.

WHat I can do?

Why don't you ask liudr. He seems to have all the answers.

HI guys,
when I change the SS pin (I tried also to put the SS to the ground) my shield (CANBUs shield) read wrong values.

WHat I can do?

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