Arduino Uno + Arduino Wave Shield + Sensor Shield

I wanted to know if the sensor shield v4 can be stacked on with the wave shield as well.

This is the pin usage details for the Wave Shield

however, am not able to find the pin usage for the sensor shield.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you. :)

*** am trying to use the wave shield for .wav files but I would electronic brick buttons on the sensor shield to activate the sounds.; very new to this so I apologize in advance.

Link for the sensor shield you want to use?

Basically the wave shield is easy about many of the pin assignments so you can always reallocate them (using links) to get round any that are fixed on the sensor shield.

I am looking to use this Arduino V4 or the V5 Sensor Shield

thank you for your reply!

I don't see why you need that, it just seems like a glorified plug and socket arrangement, it actually does nothing to the signals. So yes you can use it with the wave shield because it does nothing.