Arduino Uno & Arduino Wi-Fi Shield - Firmware Upgrade Necessary?

I am new to Arduino and this forum, so please forgive a question that may be misplaced. I am not at all satisfied with the Adafruit CC3000 Wifi shield due to its instability despite firmware upgrades. Therefore, I am willing to try the Arduino Wifi shield available at SparkFun (DEV-11287 based on HDG204 and using an AtMega 32UC3). The WiFi library link on the SparkFun webpage takes me to the Arduino page where it explicitly says the following:

"The firmware for the WiFi shield has changed in Arduino IDE 1.0.5. You are recommended to install this update per these instructions."

My question: Does that mean that I will need to start fussing with a firmware upgrade if I use the WiFi shield along with my Arduino Uno R3 with an IDE at version 1.6.4? The webpage statement is confusing to me because firmware is not part of the Arduino IDE - unless I am really misunderstanding how all of this stuff fits together. Maybe it is saying that the firmware on the board is not compatible with the IDE version 1.0.5 and subsequent versions.

Thank you.