Arduino Uno as ISP programmer — bootloader problem


I am curious how to use Arduino Uno as ISP programmer. I’ve read the page Using an Arduino as an AVR ISP and there is note „Currently, you cannot use an Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer”. I found post at Arduino forum which describes, how to fix this problem with another bootloader (I did not try it yet, but I suppose it is working).

And finally, my question: What is exactly wrong with default Uno bootloader (is this the bootloader for Arduino Uno with ATMega328P?) and why is not optifix default Uno bootloader?

Actually, I have had no problems whatsoever with using Arduino UNO for ISP, inspite of what that page said.
You'll find this page helpful for this very subject:

Thanks. I do not have AVR in home, right now, so I can try it later this week. But I have already programmed my Uno with ArduinoISP sketch, heartbeat LED is blinking, and if I run avrdude, it connects and looks like it is working (except I connect no AVR to pins 10-13).

Now, I am confused what bootloader I have in my Uno. Is it optiboot, or this one?

If you have an Uno, you have Optiboot. Unless you specifically programmed some other bootloader yourself.

Now, I am confused what bootloader I have in my Uno. Is it optiboot, or this one?

Take a look into Arduino_002/hardware/arduino/boards.txt

Find the section regarding Arduino Uno (should be the first one), you'll see this:

The optiboot_atmega328.hex file is in Arduino_0022/hardware/arduino/bootloaders/optiboot/

Btw I had no problem in burning the default optiboot into a 328 on a breadboard (complete with crystal resonator) using the UNO as ISP like in

I have a couple of Promini's with dead uC. I just got some new -AU package parts from Newark (on sale!).
Once I remove & replace, this same method should be usable to program the Promini from a Duemilanove?