Arduino Uno as LED Controller


I want to use a Arduino Uno as RGB Controller, so I reconstruct this circuit Adafruit Learning System

What you don't see on this circuit is, that my 24V + Pin is on the LEDs + Pin and the Ground of the 24V Power supply goes into the GND of Arduino.

It works not bad, but I don't understand some things..

AnalogWrite(REDLED, 255)

The Stripe is really bright red

AnalogWrite(GREENLED, 255)

The Stripe is really bright green

AnalogWrite(BLUELED, 255)

The Stripe doesn't shine.... it seems like it's off

AnalogWrite(REDLED, 255)
AnalogWrite(GREENLED, 255)

I get a bright green, but i expect a bright yellow?
(It's also green when I switch this two lines)

I don’t see anything at all.
Rather than posting a link to someone else’s wiring diagram and trying to describe how you changed it, post your own wiring diagram.
Pencil, paper and a camera are good enough if you include the proper detail.

Is your strip a 24V strip? You can not just put 24V on a normal 12V LED strip.

The Stripe doesn't shine.... it seems like it's off

You might have blown the blue LEDs.

I am curious how the 24V power supply is applied to the 12v LEDs.

yes its a 24v stripe... 10meters

So connect the blue output of the strip to ground instead of connecting it to the FET. Does it now light up?

no it doesn't light up, so I killed the blue led :slight_smile:
But can someone explain me the "problem" with the different values?

How can i produce a yellow light as example?

When i make analogwrite(green, 255) and analogwrite(red, 255) then the led lights up green..

You use a smaller value in the analog write call on the green LEDs to balance the light output from each.

This is quite normal, although perhaps your 24V LED strip is not of the best quality if it came from China through something like eBay.

ah okay, so the included led controller already have this smaller value calculated?

Maybe, but I doubt it.

ok and what else?

ok and what else?