Arduino UNO ==> ATmega328p-pv question

hi there,
i tried searching for an answer but couldn't find anything.
im new to this whole MC world.just bought an UNO a couple of weeks ago and have been learning how to use it. i compiled and ran a sample program
of stepper motor, which seems to work fine (connected the stepper motor to the UNO n all). im wondering can i take the MC out of the UNO board and still use the MC for the stepper motor program? i mean now that the program is "burned" on the MC can i just take out the MC place it in a breadboard with proper connection to stepper driver, power, etc...,WITHOUT the UNO board? is it possible?
thanks in advance...please reply!!!!!?

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Sure, just need some minimal components.
+5V can be from 3 AA battery pack even, and whatever you need to power the steppers.

Buy the few parts shown and populate this even

so i can just take it out of the board and hook up the components to the MC and the stepper with its components and it should work? :smiley: SWEETTTTTTTTTTTT!

THANK u soo much!!! that diagram will make things alot easier!!!...thanks again!..excited... ]:smiley:


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