Arduino Uno + Audio Shield + Xbee?

Is their a way to connect a xbee to an arduino that already has an audio shield on it? If so, How?? I am using Lady Ada's audio shield...

This one? Tack on wires to the Rx, Tx, Gnd, 3.3V to go to the xbee.

Yes, that is the right audio shield, I am trying to decide how to interface the arduino and shield to a xbee, if I am adding a xbee to the shield what does the xbee need to be on? a breakout board? Xbee explorer? my other option which you also posted on, thanks! was to connect the arduino and shield to the lilypad xbee...I am trying to do this in the simplest way possible...Any suggestions.

The wave shield is a kit that needs assembly? If not assembled already, be sure t install headers. Then put xbee on regulator shield. Otherwise, connect to the pins mentioned using somewhat stiff wire.

hmmm, yes, kit needs to be assembled. Also, have one other problem arduino needs 5v, xbee needs 3.3v nothing higher to avoid killing it, so the xbee can't be directly connected to the arduino without a logic level converter...Do I need & in order to connect it to the arduino and not kill the xbee?

Was thinking of using but cannot tell if it can regulate voltage from 5v to 3.3 for xbee? Was thinking of using LiPower with this.


Those are the right things. All include a 3.3V regulator for the xbee.

What you really want is this tho: Install header pins in the right places so you can stack things up.

Ok, so basically I can get rid of the lilypad xbee and just use stackable headers on the audio shield and then install the xbee shield on top of that?! What type of power supply do you recommend? I can get rid of LiPower...

Yes. Power adapter: if plugging into barrel jack on arduino

Need to be untethered from wall, battery pack? 4AA’s?

You can try 4 AAs, see if the voltage out of the regulator is high enough for stable xbee operation.

3 AAs going direct into the 5V pin might work better, no battery loss thru the regulator. Or 5 AAs going into the barrel jack so the regulator has enough to work with.