Arduino Uno & bluesmirf gold bluetooth (noob Q )


hardware : Arduino uno , and bluesmirf bluetooth gold .

when i wire the Arduino through USB canle i get data on the hyper terminal, when i connect the bluetooth i get nothing !!

  • my bluetooth is discovered and connected ( see picture )
  • i chose the right Port that the bluetooth is connected to !

Questions :
-do i need to change my code to adapt the bluetooth ot ir should work automatic wiothout any change

  • im connecting the RX (bluetooth) - to the TX ( on the arduino pin 1) and the Tx to the Rx ( pin 1 on the Arduino) , is that the way it shouyld be ? i tried to put rx on rx , TX on TX didnt work !? please help

why nobody helps !!

im sorry , i didnt think the code will make a difference.

im using this code :

i thought switching between serial to bluetooth should be done without changing the code. please advise

thank you

So you'r trying to capture the Serial output from the arduino with the bluetooth module?
How do you tell the bluetooth that you are communicating at 9600 baud?

The arduino is looking for IR pulses on pin 11 - doesn't look like anything is connected there from the picture.

i changed the code so instead of pin 11 i used pin 2 , and it is working fine...

i get all results when im connected throw usb everything is working fine when connected through usb .

all i need is to send the results through bluetooth . should i add the address of the bluetooth dongle to the code , should i change the code in any way?