Arduino Uno Bluetooth Connection to Redbearlab BLE Shield

Hi all,

I’m using an Arduino Uno with a Redbearlab BLE shield for a final project, trying to build a remote control car ‘from scratch’. The BLE shield connects to the Arduino Manager iPhone app, and I am trying to use the app’s Joystick Widget to control the car, analog outputting voltages to two motors (on the back two wheels of the car) based on the joystick’s position on it’s window.

My question deals with interfacing between the Arduino IDE and Arduino Manager app. I’ve made a sketch (an edit of the Redbearlab BLE shield test sketch from Fabrizio Boco’s website) which serial.println’s the x- and y-position of the joystick on it’s window. Both positions seem to be printing correctly, however in between many of the position, the line ‘Pipe Number: 2’ also prints. Is there a reason why the ‘Pipe Number: 2’ line is printing? And can I make it stop printing?

The exact sketch I’ve been using is attached and I can answer any other questions you guys have.


Final_Project_Sketch.ino (1.18 KB)

There is nothing in your code that prints “Pipe number 2”. So, it must be one of the mysterious libraries you are using that does it. No links == Good luck finding the problem.