arduino uno, bluetooth L293d

Dear team members

Considering all your posts , i am very new to this forum and these components, but trying to learn ,

Bluetooth Transceiver Module with TTL Outputs-HC05
Arduino Uno R3 ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2
Adraxx L293D Arduino Motor Driver Shield For Servo, Stepper & DC Motor Expansion Board
DC Geared Motor - Helical Gear 200 rpm 4 numbers (No-load current = 60 mA(Max), Load current = 300 mA(Max)- 200RPM 12V DC motors with Gearbox)
Power source 12V 8amps

Now in scenario 1,

Connected the power source directly to 4 motors mounted on a wooden boanord , and the same moves without any hurdle in a straight line

Same, wanted to modify in terms of moving the same board "to and fro" and turning them "left and right", while i was checking my collection, found the above mentioned devices, and felt happy, but it was not lost for long

bluetooth spec shows it requires 3.3v and few milli amps

arduino board shows 5v and 3amps, after this i got into bigger dilemma,

If i conneted 12v/8amps to arduino uno board, will it burn the entire system? or will it still allow those 4 motors to work,

can i connect the bluetooth source to 5v in arduino socket?

You need to power the Bluetooth module from the Arduino 3.3v pin and you need to reduce the Arduino's 5v to 3v for the Tx line that sends data from the Arduino to the module. The Arduino's Rx line (data from the module to the Arduino) will work fine with the 3.3v data. You can use a simple voltage divider to drop the 5v to about 3v (not more than 3.3v).

Having too many amps available will not cause a problem. An electrical device just takes as many amps as it needs if the voltage is correct.


Thank you dear R

Can i power the bluetooth with different power source?

Can i power the bluetooth with different power source?

Yes. Just make sure the Bluetooth's GND is connected to the Arduino GND.