Arduino Uno + Bluetooth smirf gold

Total newbie in the Arduino world and I cant seem to get the bluetooth connection to work. More precisely, I can pair the smirf gold with the computer and configure it ($$$ in the Serial monitor, and change baudrate and other stuff) but I cant send data to the monitor.

So my question is what is the easiest way to send data from this setup? Code plz =)

you use it as you would a regular serial connection to your computer on your arduino + code. use for figuring out how to set baud etc. it defaults to 115200, i think. i just ordered one and do not know exactly how to use them yet, but i think it goes something like: hook it up to arduino, power it up, search for it from computer + pair(i think it comes set with no password? or 1234??), then you can use serial monitor on computer to change settings you have 60 seconds to type$$$ after powerup to get into command mode.