Arduino UNO burn bootloader/program to ATmega328 32MLF


Now I have a ATMEGA328 32 MLF MCU and I want to follow the same procedure as outlined I have crystals and capacitors for my 32 MLF MCU so I am not using the internal timer.

I have the following questions:

  1. Which board should I select after uploading ArduinoISP sketch to my Arduino UNO? Is it still Arduino Duemilanove or Nano w/ ATmega328? Honestly I couldn't find it anywhere on my Arduino IDE 1.6.5.
    What's the difference between that board and "Arduino UNO" board option?

  2. I tried to burn the bootloader with the board "Arduino UNO". The bootloader was successfully burned, as indicated by the IDE. However when I tried to upload a program to this 32 MLF MCU, there seemed to be no response(keep uploading for a long time until a message occurred). Was it because the bootloader wrong?

It should work at an "Uno." If the "burn bootloader" was successful, but sketches didn't upload, it was probably an error in the Serial wiring.

The main difference between an "Uno" and a "Duemilanove with m328" is which bootloader is used.

Thanks westfw,

Then do you mean that either "UNO" or "Duemilanove" bootloader will work on 32 MLF?

do you mean that either "UNO" or "Duemilanove" bootloader will work on 32 MLF?